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From the days when quality and integrity counted

Welcome to Dinosaur Joinery!  

Why the name?  Mike Morris has been in the business an awfully long time!  I served a full apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery back in the good old days of 4 year apprenticeships.

The name came about when I was working on a particular site and the youngsters couldn’t believe that I still used a hammer and hand saw.   “No one uses a hammer here…we all use nail guns.  You’re such a dinosaur!”  the nick name stuck and I eventually changed the business name.


I am happy to be associated with the days when workmen were time served tradesmen, taking pride and care in their work and who built to survive generations.   I believes that quality in the product and integrity in business are paramount, no matter how small or large the job.

Dinosaur Joinery can undertake most kinds of Joinery and related building work but it has definite specialties.  Click on the links on the left-hand side for more details and pictures. If you would like to contact me :-



My email is :-  dinosaurjoinery@btinternet.com


Tel  Mike on    Mobile    07968841403

                       Landline 01253866490


Mike in his mahogany Coupe

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Wooden car video

Wooden car build video

From the days when quality and integrity counted.