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What We Do
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Established 1980



Mike Morris is the backbone of Dinosaur Joinery.  Occasionally he brings in a few hand picked colleagues to ensure a contract is completed on time, but Mike still does the fabrication and takes responsibility for the quality himself.

Mike served his ‘time’, and by that we mean a full apprenticeship, with Parkinson’s in the Furniture department. Learning the craft of joinery in general and bespoke cabinets, furniture, bar and shop fittings in particular.  He continued with the shop fitting, working on larger contracts like the Coral Island complex, The Dorchester (London), The Arndale Centre (Manchester) and he even did joinery work in the Houses of Parliament.  Mike became self-employed in January 1980 and has remained so ever since.  He expanded his knowledge base over the following 10 years learning and gaining experience in other, more general, building work. 

 Now however, he has chosen to return to more specific and exacting joinery work, keeping some traditional crafts going - specialising in individually commissioned Furniture items, Doors and Gates and Sash Window renovation and replacement.

Mike made a Mahogany and Ash Coupe
Complete with wooden Dash and Steering Wheel!

Now you know who we are and what we can do, feel free to browse the specific pages for  some examples of our work.

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From the days when quality and integrity counted.