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  Just a bit of construction info for you...

Door and moulding detail jpg
Door showing moulding detail


We try wherever possible to build using only traditional joints.  Not just for the sake of keeping things traditional but really because they have been used and tested over hundreds of years and been found to simply work. 
All the joints you can see here to the right, are classed and sold as Mortise and Tenon joints.  We have made these three joints and then cut through them so you can see from the inside.  In our opinion only the bottom joint is really suitable for this climate and will cope with the expansion and contraction induced by the British weather.  In all three, the shoulder fits snugly into the tenon and has been pinned with dowels - but only the joint that has has been fully split wedged will it stand everything thrown at it - so don't settle for anything less!

Our doors, window shutters or gates are made from selected Redwoods or sustainable source Hardwoods.  They are made to traditional standards and primed with your selected finishing product before assembly.  All the glues we use are waterproof - not just water resistant.

It is important to use the right products to ensure the best finishes and you don't want to see glue beads or bad joints and mitres on mouldings.  The moulding around these door panels really looks attractive and you can see there is no need to fill any gaps or joints.

Mortise and Tenon Joints
Mortise and Tenon Joints

Large pair of Gates
Large Gates fresh out of the workshop

From the days when quality and integrity counted.